Optimum-web USA provides professional IT outsourcing services in the field of  Web Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, Outstaffing and IT-projects outsourcing.

Our sales representatives in the USA:
San Francisco
Alex KoikaPhone: (415) 279-6317E-mail: info(at)optimum-web.us
          Our mission is to help US Software companies and startups to grow their business fast and globaly. Since our development centers located in Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Moldova) we have access to a deep pool of very well educated and highly experienced web and software developers, engineers, designers, Q/A, etc.. We would be happy to provide the best resources for your project or create an offshore development center (ODC) with a team of talented developers within 2-3 weeks. You can own this team and mange it yourself or we can do it for you. Our customers have direct access to their dedicated teams.
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           We are 14 years in the business, since 1999. Thanks to our wide experience we provide the best quality and show high level of service that's why our customers are always happy!
          If you are in need of extra developers please contact our representatives in San Francisco or New York  to discuss all the details of our possible cooperation or a business model. Make sure we will find an optimal solution for your business.
         Optimum-web USA provides professional IT outsourcing services on the USA market on the following directions:- Web Apps Development for PHP (Symfony and Zend Framework, Yii, WordPress, Drupal), .NET, JAVA, HTML5, Flex.- Custom Software Development for C, C++.- Mobile Apps Development for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.- Cloud Apps Development for Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.- IT outstaffing. We build any kind of offshore development teams in Ukraine and Moldova per your request with very talented and experienced developers. Our customers own their teams, we do local management only.
With our help early stage startups can reduce development costs and software companies are able to increase number of resourses fast.
New York
Alex NuricPhone: (917) 495-0459E-mail: info(at)optimum-web.us
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